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At Industrias Alka, we work as a team to provide our customers with integral solutions in the filtration area. Our mission is to satisfy in an efficient way the needs of our customers, offering products of excellent quality, providing personalized technical assistance and after sales service.

The company has a long history dating back to its origins in 1984. It was born with the manufacture of the line of industrial filters to supply the wide growing demand of the industry in Cordoba, adding later a great number of products for the most diverse applications.

Our CAREER , QUALITY AND SERVICE place us among the most prestigious companies in the field.

More than 1200 companies in Latin America have already placed their trust in us.

Filtration solutions

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Custom Made

Each client is advised in order to provide a custom and effective response that is adapted to your needs.

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Tech specs

We manufacture filters according to customer's technical specifications, drawings or indications provided by the customer.

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Our proffesional team is always willing to provide the best advice you might need.
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In-house testing laboratory.
We test pre-filters and fine filters based on DIN EN 779 (pre-filters and fine filters) and DIN EN 1822 (HEPA and ULPA filters).


Filtering Media

The filtering media we use and sell are imported and of excellent quality. We have synthetic, polyester and fibreglass media available.

Filter media


Flat shape, pleated, W dihedrals, closed box. Frames cardboard, plastic, galvanised sheet metal or stainless steel. Filter materials (depending on efficiency and use): progressive density synthetic media with randomly oriented fibres, borosilicate glass microfibre.



Dimensions, configuration and shapes to suit customer requirements. Filter media: synthetic, cellulosic, nfr. Covers: electro-zinc plated sheet metal, stainless steel, injected radial seal. Internal and external protection.


Multibags and Sleeves

They are made of inert, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic synthetic materials, arranged in such a way as to promote progressive fibre density. The sleeves are made of different materials, woven or non-woven, and have different dimensions and construction details depending on the function of the sleeve.

Multibags and Sleeves


Our racing filters allow more air to enter your engine, boosting its performance to the maximum and protecting it from impurities. The service life of our racing filters is superior to the original ones, they are washable and reusable which also contributes to the protection of the environment.


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As a leading company in the field, we offer you solutions to increase performance in air treatment and air quality.

With permanent advice.

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